Stinson Beach Retreat

Friday, October 23 - Sunday , October 25

Re-set and re-choose on the luminous pacific shore

At this time of year, after the summer rush and before the holiday craziness, I know a lot of us feel like we can't keep going at the too-fast face of right now.  Someone told me recently that if one more thing got added to her plate, she might punch someone in the face.  I laughed - because I could relate! - and then I created this retreat.

Pressing pause is vital.  Everything in the natural world rests, and so must we.

It's almost autumn, and energetically what wants to happen at this time of year is a turning inward - and while we may not have the exact words for it, we crave a chance to stop and reflect.  It's actually essential to carve out some space for taking a true break.

This retreat will certainly accomplish that need to get away:  we'll press the pause button by physically dropping out of our regular lives (with to-do lists, schedules, chores, responsibilities, etc.) and rest deeply in a beautiful, luxurious, cozy space by the ocean.  A vacation in the truest sense of the word.  That's the re-set piece.

(As Anne Lamott says, everything works better after you turn it off for a while, including you.)

Just as important, I'll be leading the group through carefully structured, tailored experiences designed to create a felt transformation.  I will hold a strong container so everyone can unfold, face their own stuff, get a clear perspective on their life, and re-start fresh in a powerful, aligned, authentic way.  You get to connect with your deepest, most essential self; with me; and with the other powerhouse women in the group (who are just as bright, responsible, sensitive, and high-achieving as you). 

You'll have the chance to look at your life completely, without the "shoulds" or "have-tos" and you'll be supported in taking stock so you can clearly see where you want to do life differently.  You get to re-choose how your life goes so you can make the impact you want to make.

To me, the beauty of the whole thing is you get to create massive personal transformation in an accelerated, nourishing way that actually contributes to the transformation of other powerful women.  So.  Is this for you?





We will disconnect from our cell phones and social media accounts.

We will play at the beach, scrunching bare toes into the sand and tasting the glorious ocean air.

We will nourish our bodies with delicious organic meals prepared especially for us.

We will interrupt our patterns.

We will wear soft pants and snuggle ourselves up in cozy blankets by the fire.

We will unfold. We will rest. We will sleep like champions.

We will press our own "re-set" buttons.

And, in the pause, we will reflect.

We will investigate the places in our lives where we're unhappy and marvel at the beauty we've created.

We will learn who we are without our calendars, our to-do lists, our schedules, our obligations.

We will connect with our deep selves - because that's where the answers are.

We will take stock, face our stuff, invite new perspective, and make decisions about where to start fresh.

We will be courageous. (It's my specialty.)

And, we will re-choose. Powerfully.

So.  That's the plan.  And here's WHY:

Because we can only solve persistent problems creatively when we're relaxed.

Because we require space and time and reflection.

Because we are actually responsible for feeling lit up, invigorated, and FREE in our own lives.



Julie is is a longtime educator and certified life coach trained by best-selling author and Oprah-featured pioneer Dr. Martha Beck.  With love, feedback, and a strong dose of inquiry, Julie serves successful professionals who want to tackle the challenge of creating the good stuff - like, peace, joy, and true freedom in their everyday lives.  Her work is all about courage and alignment:  building the muscle to make your external life circumstances actually line up with your unique deep self.  Julie specializes in showing supersonic, high-powered women how to actually feel happy and joyful in their otherwise successful lives.

Learn more about Julie's work here.


Join us

Your retreat tuition includes absolutely everything that your heart might desire from the moment you walk through the door Friday evening until you leave our closing ceremony on Sunday morning.  This fee includes your beautiful accommodation, gourmet (organic!) meals and snacks, transformational workshop and coaching time, serious relaxation, and all kinds of fun surprises. :)

A non-refundable deposit of $800 is required to hold your spot.

Single Queen Room:  SOLD OUT

Luxuriate in your own private room for the weekend, featuring a beautiful queen bed.


Shared Twin Room:  two spaces available

Share a beautifully-appointed room with a kindred spirit, enjoying your own comfortable twin bed and easy company.


Would you like to join us?  How wonderful! 

Please apply below, and Julie will contact you for a brief interview.