Below are some personal development resources that Julie has enjoyed and recommends: 


Finding Your Own North Star  (Martha Beck)

The Joy Diet  (Martha Beck)

The Happiness Trap  (Russ Harris)

Loving What Is  (Byron Katie)

The Gifts of Imperfection  (Brene Brown)

The Daring Way  (Brene Brown)

The Gift of Fear  (Gavin DeBecker)

The Five Love Languages  (Gary Chapman)

Please Understand Me  (David Keirsey)

The Relationship Cure  (John Gottman)

Steering By Starlight  (Martha Beck)

You Just Don't Understand  (Deborah Tannen)

That's Not What I Meant!  (Deborah Tannen)

The Four-Day Win  (Martha Beck)

What the Walrus Knows  (Sarah Seidelmann)

The Highest Goal  (Michael Ray)

Finding Your Way In a Wild New World  (Martha Beck)