Bliss Before Bed


This program is designed for ONE person - because that's all it takes to transform your committed love relationship into the peaceful, blissful sanctuary of your dreams. 


Whether you've been together for 10 years or 10 months, married or not, your commitment is unquestionably solid.  You believe in your relationship and know in your heart that more is possible, but you just don't know how to get there.

Conflicts can feel scary, especially when the same battle surfaces over and over again, but conflicts show us precisely where we need to grow.  In fact, conflicts are gifts.  That's right:  gifts.  They just come in disguise as unrelenting, unsolvable problems. 

Handled with skill and love, conflicts deliver opportunities for each person to show up more fully; to communicate more clearly; to lovingly say what hasn't yet been said.  

Conflict is inevitable, but fighting is optional.  This program is for you if you wish to handle relationship conflict skillfully, anchored by strength and compassion, and eventually move into sustained bliss.

Which Bliss Before Bed package is the best fit for you?


Building Blocks

Length:  3 months.    |    Cost:  $2,500


  • reduce the anxiety produced by conflict, both in general and in the moment
  • master a new framework and adjust your approach to conflict
  • learn the principles and basic tools for handling conflict skillfully


Steady & True

Length:  6 months.    |    Cost:  $4,700


  • all outcomes from Building Blocks (above), plus:
  • learn how to hold on to yourself during conflict and build the strength to do so
  • create a relationship vision that completely aligns to your values, your body, and your soul
  • develop a solid understanding of your own needs as well as your partner's
  • gain the skills and knowledge needed to support yourself as your relationship shifts
  • apply the principles and more advanced tools for handling conflict skillfully and lovingly


Unshakably Peaceful*

Length:  12 months.    |    Cost:  $9,000


  • all outcomes from Building Blocks and Steady & True (above), plus:
  • gain the skills and knowledge to communicate respectfully - with both truth and grace
  • know how to support yourself, your partner, and your changing relationship
  • master the art and science of treating yourself with true love
  • know how to access and construct peace, regardless of circumstances
  • take intentional, skillful actions that reflect assertiveness (not passivity or aggression)
  • grow the confidence and trust needed to bask in the loving sanctuary you've created
  • apply sophisticated principles and tools for handling conflict skillfully, lovingly, and with good humor


*If you are truly ready to significantly transform your relationship, this intensive collaboration program is for you.  It takes time, energy, and commitment to take on the challenge of creating the relationship that is most right for you.  Your partner's participation is not required, but an external source of perspective, feedback, and new knowledge most certainly is required.  This twelve-month program fully delivers all the tools, support, and love needed to get you there, and I'd be honored to collaborate with you. 

I'm a life coach, and my name is Julie. 

I'm a life coach, and my name is Julie. 

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