The devoted mentorship

Length of program:  24 private 60-minute coaching sessions to be used within a 12-month period.    |    Cost:  $11,000

Hello, dear one. 

The Devoted Mentorship is the deepest level of support I've ever offered, and it's designed to transform your baseline existence into a really and truly happy one.  It's about living in a new way:  stepping into the abiding happiness that you really really want for yourself (and that, honestly, is wanting you right back). 

Happiness is kind of a tricky thing to talk about, actually.  It's an emotion, obviously, and - just like all feelings - the emotion of happiness comes and goes just like clouds in the sky.  This is not the purpose of the mentorship.  I'm definitely not here to teach people to chase emotional experiences!

Happiness isn't a destination, either.  We don't magically arrive for good in The Land Of Glee after toiling for the requisite time or getting married or winning the lottery.

What I'm talking about is the profound, innermost sense of well-being that we feel in our core.  That's the level of happiness that I'm talking about here:  happiness as our baseline experience of daily life. 

And I know that it is very possible to change this baseline experience. 


Because my baseline experience used to be one of anxiety.  BIG anxiety.  It infused every moment of my waking life, along with an overall sense of struggle and striving, feelings of inadequacy, being tired and moody all the time, and not really enjoying my adult life very much at all

On a typical day, I would wake up around 6am, immediately think about how sleep-deprived and exhausted I felt, and then check my work email.  On my way to work, I'd buy a bagel or one of those microwaved breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks, and try not to drip cheese onto my outfit while navigating horrid traffic jams.  I'd arrive at work already stressed out!  And from there, I'd spend the day working hard, "putting out fires" and feeling important, and also trying to ignore the increasing frequency of the moments of sitting in a numb stupor at my desk, too tired to move.  I'd get home around 7pm, toss a Trader Joe's prepared meal into the microwave, and, on a good night, take a bath before going to bed so I could start it again the next day.


My life outside of work wasn't much better.  On weekends, I'd bully myself into doing basic housework while glaring enviously at my sleeping cat.  At this time in my life I owned a condo and was attempting to renovate it.  Myself.  When I couldn't face the pile of tools, random nails, and used sandpaper, I'd make plans with my family and friends...and I'd enjoy seeing them, but I doubt they could say the same...because I was so exhausted, so dedicated to being a "good" person, so addicted to my career (and other people's approval) that I was definitely not the life of any party.  My conversation focused on work or my lack of dates or the new paint I'd bought for my bedroom. 

Double ugh!

Happiness was not coming to me naturally.  I'd assumed that having a successful career, holding a mortgage, calling my mom, and being a responsible human being would automatically generate happiness in my adult life!  That seemed to be the case for other people, so why wasn't it happening for me?

I had simply accepted the dull, constant anxiety because I equated it with adulthood.  That's what I thought life had to be. 

It's like my inner lights had been turned off and I just got used to fumbling around in the gloom.

And the strangest part now is that I didn't even realize how anxious I truly was!  I mean, sure, my basic wiring makes me highly prone to anxiety, but I couldn't see the extent of my own misery.  I didn't know that something else was possible.  I didn't know happiness could be for me.

These days, however, my baseline experience is completely different:  I'm deeply, wildly, and consistently happy!  (And grateful and energized and delighted and joyful and more.)  My mom has noticed and tells me every time we talk.  Even my cat has noticed!

Of course, the rich and varied emotional landscape of human being-ness is very much a part of my world, and I feel All The Feelings just as we all do.  But happiness is the defining feature in my landscape.

This is not an accident.

Because I've devoted myself to happiness. 

I've learned that real, true happiness comes when we insist on it, repeatedly. 

It arrives when we consciously intend our own wellness and when we do the essential practices - with sustained effort, over time.  It takes skills and knowledge, plus focus, energy, and a dogged fierceness - in other words, devotion.  

And it also takes support.

Don't get me wrong - you can totally create happiness on your own.  The solo journey just takes a much longer time.  Believe me - I tried.  I learned that happiness happens a whole hell of a lot faster with support from someone like me who can teach the skills, hold the space, share the vision, keep accountability, and move you toward the gorgeousness by taking just the tiniest, most do-able steps. 

On my way into profound happiness, I lucked into hiring some truly gifted souls who healed me and taught me how to continue healing myself.  The most perfect people bizarrely appeared when I needed them most!  (Which is how it works when you're consciously aligning your internal world and your external circumstances.)  This phenomenon still happens to me, like last week when my car mechanic picked me up after the oil change because he knew I'd be walking in a rainstorm.  Isn't that completely lovely?

Helpers gonna help!

And now I am a helper. 

I designed The Devoted Mentorship to be in deep service to you and also to fulfill my own purpose as a helper.  (Welcome home, me!)

I passionately prefer the depth of long-term collaborations, and when I take on a new client, I'm 100% in - I commit, completely.  Each one of my beloved clients takes up permanent residence inside my heart space, and that's exactly the way I like it. 

This is why The Devoted Mentorship is a year-long program.  365 days of intense personal support so you can be living the life of happiness that you want so much.

(Because, again, what you want actually wants you right back!  Desire is a holy map.)

Is The Devoted Mentorship for YOU?  It might be, if...

  • you've got success, achievement, and a sense of efficacy in your life already...but lack actual joy;
  • you prize being responsible and good at your work as well as other people's comments about how impressive your career is...but you lack the sense of "Yes! I'm in the right place! I'm so lucky to do this job!";
  • you unconsciously pursue the approval of your family members, friends, colleagues, pets, etc....but don't actually like yourself all that much;
  • you are excellent at keeping commitments to others...but not so great with keeping commitments to yourself;
  • you feel All The Feelings and wish you could not absorb everyone else's stuff all the time;
  • you're already a leader (or have a sense that your inner leader would like to stop hiding now, please) because you've got big work to do in the world;
  • you have created a life that looks glorious (to an external viewer)...but feels kinda sad and dull and lacking;
  • you believe that change is possible - that there are possibilities we can't even imagine! - and you're committed to your own growth; and,
  • you really really really want to be happy (and you're not willing to wait for happiness to magically arrive on your doorstep).

Perhaps most important, The Devoted Mentorship is for women who are inspired and willing and READY to invest in themselves.  When I say invest, I don't just mean financially; I mean investing psychologically, emotionally, and even physically in your own profound happiness.

Is that you?

So, what's involved in this program, you ask?  I'm thrilled to tell you.

We'll co-create your most magnificently and profoundly happy life together, side-by-side, for an entire year.  365 days of powerful collaboration, with me on your team...guiding you, teaching you, and also bouncing around shamelessly as your unfailing cheerleader. 

Here's what it looks like: 

  • You and I meet twice monthly for private, powerful coaching sessions during which we architect and implement the specific skills, knowledge, and practices you need;
  • You have unlimited access to me by email, text, and vox (and P.S., I'm loving the Voxer app!);
  • You also get lifelines in between our regular sessions so you can receive impromptu support as needed (if you run into a sticky spot, hit an unexpected snag, want an enormous high-five, or something else);
  • And, we will meet for two private VIP intensives where we'll spend the entire day together, immersing ourselves in your happiness project and creating magic!
  • Throughout our collaboration, you'll receive structured lessons, exercises, resources, and step-by-step guidance as well as audio recordings of all our sessions; we'll share an online repository to contain all the work and all the glory, and you'll get to keep this forever.

I'm also tossing in a bunch of bonus gifts because I believe in radical generosity and fun.  (For example, included in The Devoted Mentorship is an all-expenses-paid spot at one of my destination retreats, which is a $2,500 value (!).  You will get unlimited access to all the classes I teach during the year.  And, I'm a passionate believer in flower deliveries and books and hedgehog candle holders but I won't list all the extra goodies here - because, SURPRISES!

What now?

Please pause for a just a sec, and take a deep breath.  How do you feel?  If you have a strong feeling in your body that this mentorship is the support you need, and if you feel in your heart that I might be your person, click the button below to apply. 

Once you apply, we'll have a one-on-one conversation and explore the possibility of moving you completely into the truly, deeply, radically happy life that is waiting for you. 

Because the world NEEDS truly happy women who have powerfully claimed their own light and and insist on deep happiness for all. 

Much love,


Setting time aside each week with Julie has been an essential element for making meaningful change in my life. It is by working with Julie over the long term that I have been able to feel confident in making big life changes, like getting married and changing my job. There are so many important life decisions Julie has helped me through (I’m tearing up here as I write this...)! The skills I have learned from Julie are priceless and always unique to what I need in that moment - I use skills she has taught me every day in my life. I am so thankful to have Julie in my life to empower me. A year later and 2,000 miles away, I continue to work with Julie to guide me through the complexities of life.
— Kellee
I have been working with Julie for over a year now, and all I can say is YES! Through the extended time we spend together, I have been able to put conscious effort and clear intention into my life’s path. Having Julie coach me through changes, obstacles, ups, and the inevitable downs, I am empowered to become my truest self. Julie has coached me to realize and actualize the pieces of my life that bring me the most joy. She has come along with me on this ride of life and has given me immense support, and unconditional love. Julie is more than my partner in my thought work, she is my guide!
— Shira