So you're interested in learning more about working together?  Cool. 

You can check out some sample offerings below. 

However, please take these offerings as samples only; as a boutique business, I design bespoke coaching programs for each of my clients, and that means I would build a program that is specifically tailored just for YOU. 

Note that I offer a special rate for young professionals, teachers, and members of the military.

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Length of program:  60 days.   |    Cost:  $2,900.

This signature program is for high-achieving, ambitious, sensitive women who want to actually feel deliciously happy in their otherwise successful lives.

Happiness is the result of conscious, repeated efforts.  We must insist on being happy, and I'll teach you the core of how to do that. 

You'll get my proven system for building deep, lasting confidence AND the crystalline clarity needed for you to take inspired, aligned action. 

You'll also get accountability tailored to your needs, personalized assignments between session, and my focused attention so you can build the foundation for your happiness. 

Because your happiness is waiting for you to insist on it.  Ready? 

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the devoted single SESSION


Length of session:  90 minutes.    |    Cost:  $500.

Whether you're feeling stuck, confused, needing to make an important decision, or something else, this single power session will get you moving - and powerfully. 

A single session might also be for you if you'd like a sample of coaching without having to commit to a whole program.

I'll teach you the key tools to help you with your specific situation, and you'll get yourself clear.  Because clarity takes skill, focus, and attention.  Let's do it.

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I offer a complimentary two-hour consultation to see if we are a great fit. 

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