Courage & Grace


This program is designed to provide the space and support needed for you to move powerfully through the very real and very exhausting pain of loss. 


Whether it's a break-up, a job, one's health, a home, or a child who has moved to college, loss causes psychological and physical difficulties that require loving attention in order to heal. 

Sometimes, surprisingly, it is a positive change that generates the sensations of loss:  wonderful life events like getting married, moving into the dream home, landing the perfect job.  These ostensibly happy changes can confound us because, while everyone expects a celebration, the only activity that sounds appealing is a long nap. 

Loss is inevitable, but protracted suffering is optional.  This program is for you if you wish to handle loss compassionately, anchored by courage and grace, and eventually move into an abiding and joyful peace.

Which Courage & Grace package is the best fit for you?


Surviving the Worst

Length:  3 months.    |    Cost:  $2,500


  • dial down your stress level from acute to mild
  • get through the gaping hole of pain while continuing to function (at work, in your family, etc.)
  • learn the principles and tools for handling loss


Focused & Moving

Length:  6 months.    |    Cost:  $4,700


  • all outcomes from Surviving the Worst (above), plus:
  • gain the robust courage that comes from the experience of truly grieving a loss
  • know how to continue supporting yourself as you shift into resolution and peace
  • create a life vision that completely aligns to your values, your body, and your soul
  • start moving into your next phase in a way that's completely aligned with who you really are
  • apply the principles and tools for handling loss in an ongoing way


Shining, Inspired, & On Purpose*

Length:  12 months.    |    Cost:  $9,000


  • all outcomes from Surviving the Worst and Focused & Moving (above), plus:
  • take intentional, inspired action with clarity and confidence
  • know how to support yourself and your new vision
  • master the art and science of treating yourself with true love
  • know how to access your place of peace anytime, anywhere
  • learn and apply the principles and tools for melting any obstacle
  • gain the sense of peace - and joy! - that arise from living in an aligned, purposeful way
  • radiate that peace and joy to everyone:  SHINE!


*If you are truly ready to significantly transform your life, this intensive collaboration program is for you.  It takes time, energy, and commitment to take on the challenge of creating your truest, most powerful life, and - without exaggeration - it also requires collaboration.  This twelve-month program fully delivers all the tools, support, and love needed to get you there.

I'm a life coach, and my name is Julie. 

I'm a life coach, and my name is Julie. 

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