You’re a professional, hard-working, high-achieving woman - and it’s a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because you are designed to expand.  You know you’re wired to do big things, plus you have the capacity and the motivation for getting there.  And, you have a lot to be proud of already.

However, it’s also a curse. You can easily push yourself so hard to achieve that, at best, your daily experience centers on constant, low-grade stress and fatigue.  At worst, you’re burned out.

But what can you do??

Keep going at the pace you’re going?  You’ve tried that.  (And that’s why you’re here reading this page.)  You get ensnared by your own high standard of achievement even though you know it’s the path of exhaustion, stress, loneliness, burnout.  And is it all even worth it?

You could just stop.  Quit your meaningful work and do something simple.  But deep-down, you know you can’t be satisfied with that.  You’d be letting yourself down.  It’s in your DNA to be luminous, expansive, impactful.  If you settle for less than what you are, your light goes out.

So you bounce back and forth.  Do more, burn out.  Do less, and out goes your light.  I call this the Do More - Do Less Trap.

I'm here to say that you can escape this trap.  There is a way to fulfill your potential, accomplish your dreams, and expand...AND to feel nourished, rested, and fully alive.  And, magically?  More actually gets done while you feel like you’re doing less.

You’re lit from the inside.  You’re plugged into your own supersonic power.  And, you’re making the difference you were born to make.  Only this time, it’s grounded and real and life-giving.  You get to have both accomplishment and ease, changing the world through your light.

That’s why I’m here.  I support you in accessing your true incandescence.

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