Are you an educator?  (Whether you teach AP Chemistry or first-grade everything, whether you run the front office or the entire school, whether you supervise the playground or the copy machine...if you're working with students, the answer is YES.)

Are you on the sensitive side?  Do you care deeply about your kiddos? Feel elated for their success and hurt by the occasional disrespect?

Would you like to truly make the difference you were born to make?  To know that you're changing lives and fulfilling your potential??


Wonderful!  You're in the right place. 

We're starting a new school year, and it's time to thrive. 

I've designed a super-easy, super-quick program for you.  It's what I wish I'd had when I was in schools...both my first year teaching seventh graders and my last year supervising high school teachers.

Right now, I'm offering it for FREE.  (Yay!  I always wanted to give away an excellent back-to-school gift.)

I think schools can be like the island in Lord of the Flies...with chaotic, hormone-fueled energy zinging around the place, overpowering and draining those of us who are more sensitive.  And when we're depleted, it's tough to make it through the day without feeling disappointed in ourselves. 

This program is designed to change how you experience your day.

I'll send you a super-short audio file every morning before school, and you'll listen to it. That's it.

You'll get centered and grounded.  You'll take a deep breath.  You'll get present.  You'll access the key to fantastic classroom management.  And best of all, you'll learn quick tools for doing this on your own, whenever you need or want. 

So, in about one minute per day, you'll shift your own energy.  It's the equivalent of showering before work: basic, easy, and absolutely essential.

You can start off each day right and make the difference you were born to make.

Want to join us?  I'd love to have you!!  Sign up in the blue box above.

P.S.  This program is FREE!  If this pilot goes well, I'll build out the program to include other supports, like classes, a forum, and maybe even group coaching calls.  I'd love to know what would best serve you.

P.P.S.  You can opt out anytime, and my feelings won't be hurt if you do - I promise.  So please join us!

P.P.P.S.  Here's a gorgeous testimonial that you might enjoy:

I loved these so much. I did them each day, finding them a grounding routine for each morning. Then one day, I sensed that my trainees at work were feeling overwhelmed - one of them courageously shared some burdensome concerns that were distracting her. I asked if they would like to do a meditation, and it was so timely and perfect and effective. We re-centered and then started up again. One teacher said, “If I knew we were going to do this, I would not have gotten coffee! I got coffee because I thought I wouldn’t be able to focus after the lunch I ate!” These meditations have not only helped me to feel more grounded and centered on my purpose, they’ve allowed me to help others refocus.
— instructional leader, SF Bay Area