JANUARY 28, 2016 - JANUARY 31, 2016


MAKE YOUR 2016 on the luminous pacific shore

Forget the frantic soul-searching and list-making on December 31.  New Year's intentions need time, space, and support to get breathed fully into life.  And, luckily for us, January is perfectly designed for this magic:  it's the Dream Time, and this private retreat will give you everything essential to create a truly magnificent 2016.  Come join us on the California coast!

JAN 25th 11:59 PM


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...l I felt like the retreat came at the perfect time for me. It really kicked off a sense of peace for me with, just, everything in know, the ebbs and flows, and the exciting and non-exciting things that are happening. I’ve just been accepting it all a lot quicker than I normally do. The retreat allowed me to slow down, let it all settle in, and become more comfortable with letting things be more effortless.
— Brittany


  • We will wear soft pants and snuggle ourselves up in cozy blankets by the fire.
  • We will disconnect from our cell phones and social media accounts.
  • We will interrupt our patterns.
  • We will unfold. We will rest. We will sleep like champions.
  • We will walk the beach (no matter the weather!), scrunching bare toes into the sand and inhaling the glorious ocean air.
  • We will nourish our bodies with delicious organic meals prepared especially for us.
  • We will press our own "re-set" buttons.
  • And, in the pause, we will reflect.
  • We will investigate the places in our lives where we're unhappy and marvel at the beauty we've created.
  • We will learn who we are without our calendars, our to-do lists, our schedules, our obligations.
  • We will connect with our deep selves - because that's where the honest answers are.
  • We will take stock, face our stuff, invite new perspective, and make decisions about where to start fresh.
  • We will be courageous. (It's my specialty.)
  • And, we will re-choose. Powerfully.
  • We will undo what needs undoing, subtract unnecessary weight, declare new intentions, and start becoming the women we truly want to be.
  • In other words, we will become authorized agents of change in our own lives. 
  • And we will co-create an exceptionally beautiful and strong foundation for your magnificent 2016.


Martha Beck Certified Life Coach - Julie Lamonica
The retreat was unexpected for me, and it was really a nice re-set. To find that place of stillness - to learn to be so peaceful and still in the middle of the day - has been really nice.
— Emma


Julie is is a longtime educator and certified life coach trained by best-selling author and Oprah-featured pioneer Dr. Martha Beck.  With love, feedback, and a strong dose of inquiry, Julie serves successful professionals who want to tackle the challenge of creating the good stuff - like, peace, joy, and true freedom in their everyday lives.  Her work is all about courage and alignment:  building the muscle to make your external life circumstances actually line up with your unique deep self.  Julie specializes in showing supersonic, high-powered women how to actually feel happy and joyful in their otherwise successful lives.  And, she LOVES being in person, leading groups of integrity seekers...especially at the beach!

Learn more about Julie's work here.

Martha Beck Certified Life Coach - Julie Lamonica


JANUARY 28, 2016 - JANUARY 31, 2016

We begin together with dinner on Thursday evening, and we end after brunch on Sunday late morning.  Your retreat tuition includes absolutely everything that your heart might desire from the moment you walk through the door Thursday evening until you leave our closing ceremony on Sunday.  This fee includes your beautiful accommodation, gourmet (organic!) meals and snacks, much transformational workshop and coaching time, serious relaxation, and all kinds of fun surprises. :)

A non-refundable deposit of $800 is required to hold your spot.



Single Queen Room:  $2500

Luxuriate in your own private room for the weekend, featuring a generous queen bed.

Shared Twin Room:  $1900

Share a beautifully-appointed room with a kindred spirit, with each of you enjoying your own lovely twin bed.


Don't Miss Out! the Deadline IS COMING UP QUICK
Applications due by 11:59pm, Jan 25, 2016
Martha Beck Certified Life Coach - Julie Lamonica
  • Applications Due: 11:59pm PT, Jan 25, 2016
  • Event Dates: January 28, 2016 - January 31, 2016


Participation is by application only.

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